"It feels like we're summoning a devil or something!" ~ America. Hello Im Joxxy,and my partner in crime is Desu. Our new member is Kai! All 3 of us run this blog that is deticated to hetalia gifs. If you see a gif that is yours please message us so we can credit you. Love,Joxxy, Desu and Crona. Admin opening: One more slot open.
villagers in town
Hetalia Gifs
What program you use for make gifs?


I have been getting this question lately. I personally use gif maker.me and photo shop. It depends on how you want the gif to look. - Joxxy

I LOVE your blog. It's wonderful.


Aww thank you anon! That’s so nice. We work hard to keep our blog wonderful.

Hey, I saw you have my gif on your blog that I have made for hetalia (the one with hetalia characters jumping up and down and America pushing Canada aside), and I want to ask you to take it down. I made the gif for myself and I never gave you any permission to take that gif and use it however you want. Please take it down. I don't feel comfortable with people using my gif, especially without even sourcing me, and letting others think it's okay to do the same. So please, don't use my gif.

I’m so sorry. I didn’t know who made that gif and I thought it was awesome. I’ll take it down right know though. Sorry. -Kai

Wow I bet you're one of those note whores, aren't you. Because I'm almost 100% sure most if not all of these posts have been from one series of gifsets on a blog I follow. Either try getting some actual gifs, or you might as well close this account before you get hatemail for it <3


Ok let me start off saying I started this account in July cause I got bored at 1 in the morning. I find these gifs off of google images and ayes my recent ones were from gif sets an amazing person took her time to find. I don’t have that time between school and blogs and chores. I’m a high schooler and I made this blog with my best friend desu. I’m not a note whore and I’m staying right now any hate for and any others makes the haters a horrible person. so please stop sending hate and being rude. This blog is for enjoyment not for this kind of stuff. I WILL delete any hate I receive.      Love admin, Joxxy